MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — The focus has been on how well the Tigers defense performed in their big 35-17 win over navy Thursday night, but let’s talk about the offensive side of the ball and how poised they look.

That probably has something to do with a slight difference on the sideline, the presence of Offensive Coordinator Kevin Johns who usually sits in the press box.

Ryan Silverfield told us his players actually suggested johns move to the sidelines.

“Just to be able to look in his eyes, and him look in my eyes I feel like it instills confidence in me, and I feel like it instills confidence in him to, to know that he has a quarterback that can get the job done,” said freshman QB Seth Henigan. “But, I liked having him down there. It’s my first time having him down there, but um, I felt like it gave confidence to everyone to as a whole, not just myself and tied him in the huddle with us, calling the plays as we head out onto the field.”

“I like that it’s good for him kind of calming voice and he can kind of prepare them okay, ‘hey, great job, or here’s what we messed up on it’s hard when you got sometimes,'” said Silverfield. “Maybe the o-line coach or the receiver coach, and then upstairs you got your quarterback coach up there talking to you. But, it’s a different day and age right we don’t have the in the NFL like the iPad so he came down the field and did a phenomenal job calling a great game.”

The Tigers travel down to Orlando to take on Central Florida next Friday Oct. 22.