MEMPHIS — Is it time to panic out at the U of M?

Seems like a fair question as that upset win over Mississippi State seems like a very distant memory for a Tiger team that’s lost, better yet, given away two straight games to fall to 0-and-1 in American Athletic Conference play.

Saturday, and for a second straight week, the Tigers blew a big early lead.  The U of M jumping out to a 17-nothing advantage on the road at Temple only to see the Owls tie things up by halftime, on their way to a 34-31 win.

Again, mistakes were the difference as two costly fumbles turned the tide in Philly.

A learning experience for a young team—yes.

Time to panic—not even close.

“If you would have told me we were starting a freshman quarterback, a freshman running back, a freshman left tackle, a freshman corner and, if he’s healthy, a freshman kicker, those are probably the last five positions I’d want freshman starting at. Again, that’s not an excuse but we’re building and we’re learning how to do things,” said Tigers coach Ryan Silverfield on Monday.  “We’re going to stay the course.  We believe in each other.  That’s the thing about this team.  It’s easy when things don’t go right, here’s (where to) point the blame.  Let’s always point it back at me. I ultimately want to take responsibility. How can we all get better. That’s one thing, just talking to our guys yesterday, they’re focused.  They’re dialed in.  I don’t think that’s been an issue.  I think our guys play hard.  No one’s ever doubted that.  We just have to find a way to execute and clean it up a little bit better.”

Beginning at Tulsa on Saturday night.