MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — The Tigers are one of 32 teams in all of college football that are still undefeated heading into week four, and the offense plays a big part in this accomplishment.

Like running back Brandon Thomas, who literally came out of no where this season and has already put up big numbers after three games — 421 yards rushing to go a long with three scores. The North Little Rock native said he didn’t come to Memphis last season with the right mindset. He told us he was really nervous last year and that affected how he picked up on the Tigers offense.

Well it’s safe to say the redshirt freshman has shaken off the nerves and impacting this team in a positive way.

“It was the small things that I didn’t really understand — like steps, what gap. In high school it’s a huge difference. In high school, like a gap and that’s the only gap you’re going through. It ain’t no extra gaps. Now it’s A, B, C, may have a bounce outside. It’s all kinds of difference things and I had to adjust to the that and I feel like I’m doing pretty good at that now.”

The Tigers host UTSA Saturday at 2:30 p.m.