MEMPHIS — Another Memphis Madness is in the books with fans getting their first look at the nation’s number one recruiting class at a packed FedExForum.

While most of the attention and rightfully so, has centered on five star talents Jalen Duren and Emoni Bates, it was another member of that number one class that had a coming out party at the Forum.

6’9” four-star forward Josh Minott, showing off his athleticism, all night.  Knocking off both Duren and Bates in the dunk contest.

Tiger fans may not know much about him but NBA scouts do and he already has a pretty cool nickname that’s taking some time to get use to.

“Athleticism, I’d say is a big part of my game.  I guess that’s why some people are coining the ‘Baby Giannis’.  I’m still not accepting that but that’s basically what they call me around the gym,” Minott said.  “Really just one objective and that’s to win so, whatever the coach needs me to do, I’m gonna do it.  If that’s shoot, pass, drive, back door cuts, dunk.  Whatever they need.”

“I recruited Josh through FaceTime.  He never came on a visit because of the pandemic. The first time I saw Josh was here on campus,” said Tigers coach Penny Hardaway.  “You can watch film but to see who he is now, is amazing.  His athleticism is off the charts.  He’s a kid that definitely has the eye of NBA scouts.  He has a really bright future.”