MEMPHIS — Player. Coach. Icon.

That was Larry Finch.

Thursday, one of the greatest players in Tigers basketball history, arguably the greatest, honored again by the University of Memphis.

The school unveiling a statue outside the team’s practice facility on south campus in an area that will forever be known as Larry Finch Plaza.

Family, friends and some of the greatest names in Tiger history were all there to celebrate Finch, who passed away just a little over ten years ago, back in 2011.

The moment getting too emotional for Penny Hardaway. The current Tigers coach rendered almost speechless when asked to talk about his former coach.

“I told myself that I was really going to cherish this day because he deserved it.  I didn’t expect so many people, which I didn’t know why I didn’t because he was loved by everybody.  What a wonderful man,” Hardaway said. “Came to recruit me, had no father in my life.  Kind of took me under his wing and the way that he recruited me was, boy, you’re going to Memphis.  You’re coming to Memphis.  I said okay and I came to Memphis.”

“When you talk about Coach Finch, you talk about legendary.  Somebody who mends a city.  Somebody who means so much to so many,” said former Tiger great and Lane College Coach Andre Turner.  “It’s a blessing just to be here, just to be in the midst. I’m excited just to say I’m a part of it and he’s a part of me.”