EADS, Tenn. (WREG) — Athleticism runs in the family for the Carrolls, a name synonymous with winning at Briarcrest Christian. 

“This season we have a potential winning state and I think the same for my brothers too, you know they’re doing really well,” said Lady Saints goalkeeper Milan Carroll.

Milan, her twin brother Max, and their older brother Derrick have been competitive for as long as they can remember. Now, they’ve taken the Saints athletic department by storm. 

The football team is undefeated with Derrick at linebacker and running back and Max playing safety and wide receiver — together accounting for 73 tackles and 12 touchdowns. And, Milan has 10 shutouts for the 13-1 Lady Saints.

Their support system starts at home with their parents. 

“You know it’s actually, it’s really great,’ Milan said. “Having people that actually believe in you, you know? Every day like I know I can go to them and talk to them about like — if I’m feeling down about my sport or something, they’re uplifting me because they know what my potential is.” 

Their father, Derrick Sr., etched his name in the record books at Bartlett as a running back and their mother, Sonya, is a huge sports fan, usually cheering the loudest in the stands. 

“I see you working, I see you working!” said Max mimicking his mother. “She’s a big supporter for the team and I really appreciate her for doing that.” 

If you’re ever at a Briarcrest game, you’ll see Sonya front and center decked out her green and gold and megaphone, not just cheering for her children, but for every kid on the team. 

“Support starts at home,” said Sonya. “And as long as a kid knows that he’s loved at home, I feel like that he can be more accepted in the world, and that they can go out, he or she can go out and achieve whatever. And that’s the message that my husband I tried to demonstrate to our kids and any kid that comes up to me. I mean there are some kids that don’t even get in the game, but I go to the sideline and I say ‘good game’ because they all have to feel inclusive. Each player that has a number on his, his back is a part of that team, and I want them to feel that same love.” 

A love that’s had an immeasurable impact on the Saints.