MEMPHIS — It’s been a busy 24 hours for Tigers coach Penny Hardaway.

First driving a tiger blue Slingshot into FedExForum for the start of Memphis Madness and then Thursday, putting a wrap on the AAC’s virtual Media Days, where again, the hot topic around the league was the loaded roster Hardaway has at his disposal.

His second number one recruiting class in the last three years and what he’s learned from his first four years on the job when it comes to putting together a roster that has both young talent and veteran leadership.

“No matter how much you think you can win young, with all young guys, it’s very, very difficult,” Hardaway said.  “I knew that that year.  If we would have had James,  would things have been different?  Yes.  I’m sure they would be but still would have been very tough. What I learned this time is to mix the veterans with the young guys.  You have the number one recruiting class but you have some really good veterans.  They have that mix of older and younger and that just makes it, the blend of that, is so much better this time around.”