WACO, Texas (WREG) — Earle, Arkansas native Gerry Bohanon and the Bears are coming off a bye-week after defeating 19th ranked BYU.

So, the Bears are now sitting at No. 16 in the AP Poll rankings, preparing for a showdown against Texas. And Bohanon is playing his best ball. He’s had 114 completions for 1,563 yards and has only thrown one interception which is tied for second in the country.

Bohanon spoke to the media Tuesday on how he’s managed to play aggressive while accurately reading the defense.

“A lot of film study, just knowing where you’re going to go with the ball knowing when things are open when to when not to force it,” Bohanon said. “Just basically reading the defense and taking what they give you. For me, I try to make the game as slow as I came home, I spent a lot of time watching film. It’s like I try to pre snap when I’m lining up. I kind of got an idea what they’re doing right away, so it’s like when this happens I need to go here with the ball.”

“Those kind of things that just make the game so fun. It’s like once you can eliminate all of that thinking, and you could just go there and play free. I mean, you can play good, you can play green.”

Bohanon and the Bears take on the Longhorns Saturday at 11 a.m.