MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Times have changed for the Purple Wave.

“I can remember before I came to Christian brothers as a player, people would put a W down before they even played CBHS,” said CBHS head coach Bubba Luckett.

They’ve won 39 of their last 40 games.

“That’s unheard of on any level in any sport. So, they know how to win. We’ve have been behind in the second half a few times, but I’ve never noticed any panic.”

The Purple Wave came into this season with a huge chip on their shoulder after their only loss last year came in the state semifinals. 

They’re 18-0 so far this season, the last unbeaten boys team in the city. And, they believe they can go all the way because they’re even closer than ever.

“We’re all close, like family close,” said CBHS forward Chandler Jackson.

“I’ve had the fortune of having some really good teams and great kids to play here at CBHS and this team is as much fun as any I’ve ever coached and to be around on and off the court,” Luckett said. “They enjoy each other, they’re unselfish, they have a ball in the locker room, as well. They root for each other. There’s no jealousies on this team and from a coaching standpoint you love that.” 

That haunting state semifinal loss has been just the motivation they need to go all of the way. 

“That’s what really filled it for me,” said Jackson. “We had a good team last year. We just couldn’t finish the job. So this year, you know, me being a leader on the team — I want to win.” 

For seniors like Jackson, this is their last shot to bring the school and their legendary coach that gold ball. 

“The thing that I’m most proud of is the consistency we’ve been able to maintain,” Luckett said. “We’re relevant and when people see us on the schedule, I think they know that it’s going to be a dogfight. We’ll have to be ready to play and that’s what I really love the most. I would love for us to win another gold ball, but I really am proud of the sustained success we’ve been able to accomplish.” 

After 30-plus years and 600 career wins for Luckett, the Purple Wave are ready to bring a state championship back to CBHS for the first time since 1987.