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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — If Initiative 42 wasn’t confusing enough on its own, wait until you see the ballot.

That’s why WREG decided to break it down for you and make sure you understand exactly what your vote means.

DeSoto County Superintendent Milton Kuykendall hopes Initiative 42, a constitutional amendment dealing with the funding and oversight of Mississippi’s public schools passes on Tuesday.

“I think it’s maybe the last hope for public schools in Mississippi,” he said.

It’s a big issue with a lot of different opinion, but there are a few things everyone seemed to agree on.

The vote can reshape public education in Mississippi; it’s just a matter of who ensures schools get funding and if the court system oversees the process.

Also, it’s a bit hard to understand.

“When we were trying to get it on the ballot and get the ballot printed and everything, it was confusing. The whole thing is confusing,” said Marla Treadway, the Deputry  Circuit Clerk.


First you will be asked if you want the law to change.

If you vote yes, you must answer which version of 42 you want.

If you vote no, you can still answer which version of 42 you want.

Initiative 42 says the state must give schools enough money for a good education and the court system can oversee the process and take action if needed.

Alternative 42 cuts the judges out and keeps all the power with lawmakers in Jackson.

Haley Barbour opposes Initiative 42

Arguments in support of Initiative 42