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(Memphis) In The last Presidential election, 61% of eligible voters in Shelby County cast a ballot.

In this past summer’s primary election saw a measly 17% voter turnout. 

Some states, like Oregon and Washington, have started mailing people ballots.

Those two states have some of the highest turnout every election.

The voter fills out the ballot and and puts it back in the mailbox, casting their ballot.

“I am voting and I think it would be a lot more convenient for everybody if we could do that,” said Stephanie Helay.

While Shelby County saw that seventeen percent turnout in August Washington state saw an average of thirty-eight percent voter turnout. 

States using mail in voting also found it`s cheaper because they cut down on staff and hours. 

Colorado is looking to move to all mail-in ballots and found it would cut the cost per voter in half.

“Well I’m all about saving money so anything we can do to help out and help us save a little bit, especially in this economy would be a great thing,” said Helay.

John Colvett is afraid an all mail in election could lead to more voter fraud, “I don’t understand how anyone can trust that being a true ballot cast by the part it was sent to.  It could easily be documented by someone else.”

Nineteen states use some sort of mail-in ballot process. 

Tennessee uses absentee voting for people who can’t make it to the polls election day and meet certain criteria.