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UPDATE: A motion has been filed to hold Brandon Theesfeld without bond in the murder case of Ole Miss student Ally Kostial, District Attorney Ben Creekmore said Thursday.


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Brandon Theesfeld, 22, remains in the Lafayette County Jail and is still awaiting a bond hearing.

Theesfeld is charged with murder in the death of Ole Miss student Ally Kostial, whose body was found Saturday near the community of Harmontown. Authorities say she died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Attorney Tony Farese confirmed that he and Steve Farese were hired Wednesday to represent Theesfeld. They plan to enter a not guilty plea.

Kostial and Theesfeld were pictured together on social media, smiling and seemingly happy. But on Tuesday, there was no trace of a smile as he was being charged with murder.

Theesfeld was also a student at Ole Miss. He moved to Oxford, Mississippi from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was studying business. Now, WREG is learning that disturbing images showing Theesfeld taking target practice with a pistol in 2013 have surfaced. His father captioned the post, “My son Brandon Theesfeld is a tactical expert.”

Oxford Police Department records show Theesfeld was arrested for public drunkenness in a parking lot in April 2017. He would’ve been under the legal drinking age at the time.

We’re told he lived in an apartment off Old Taylor Road in Oxford. The apartment is located next door to My Michelle’s Bar and Restaurant.

Manager Rebekah Dean told us she didn’t know much about Theesfeld.

“He really didn’t come in here very often. I do know that he frequented the square a lot. Considering he lived so close by, it’s interesting he never came by here.”

The downtown square in Oxford is also one of the last places Kostial was seen before she was found dead. She reportedly was captured on surveillance camera standing outside of the bar on Friday.

Our sister station KMOV in St. Louis reports that Theesfeld and Kostial dated “off and on.” At this point, Theesfeld’s family is no longer commenting on social media about the charges against him.

There’s still no word on a motive, and a bond hearing has not been set.

Theesfeld, who now sits in jail, appears to have bee posting to Twitter just hours after investigators discovered Kostial’s body. That same evening he wrote, “You dropped a bomb on me, my number 1 pick for groovy song of the summer.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, his Twitter account has been deactivated.