MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A gunman is currently on the run after a shooting incident that sent a woman to the hospital Thursday morning.

During the early morning hours on South Third near I-55, a woman was found shot inside of a car. Memphis police say she was taken to Regional One in critical condition.

The gunman reportedly ran away.

Memphis Police had a portion of South Third Street shut down for hours as they carried out their investigation. Witnesses say it sounded like gunshots were being fired between two vehicles.

MPD has not said what led to the shooting.

Moore lives nearby and says he wants to see more done to curb crime.

“Try to govern this stuff to some degree to where these guys can’t walk around and just shoot each other. A lot of them aren’t afraid to shoot back at the police. It’s crazy. You need to figure something out,” Moore said

Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis says she is working on different plans to curb violent acts such as this across the city, but she says it’s going to take a team effort not just from the community but from the entire criminal justice system.

“If we can work with some of our criminal justice partners and have stiffer penalties for some of the most egregious crimes. When a person commits a crime against another person and it’s a violent act, that person should be dealt with swiftly and with appropriate consequences. It’s going to take more than the police department arresting individuals. It’s going to take the system to work from every aspect,” Davis said.

The investigation is still ongoing.

If you have information regarding this crime, police encourage you to contact Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.