Woman hit in head when stray bullet goes through ceiling


HORN LAKE, Miss. – A Horn Lake woman was hit in the head by a stray bullet during a bout of celebratory gunfire July Fourth but miraculously wasn’t injured.  

Horn Lake police say the bullet hit the roof of a home on Churchwell Drive and traveled through the ceiling before hitting the woman who was sitting on her bed around 11 p.m. 

Conswayda Merritt said she had just returned home from a business trip and was seeking refuge from the gunshots and fireworks that were sounding on her street.  

But her spot on the bed ended up putting her right in the center of the action when what she would later learn was a bullet dropped from the ceiling.  

“I was looking up at the ceiling like, ‘What done came down there and done hit me?’” said Merritt.  

That’s when she noticed a hollow-point bullet lying on the floor.  

Miraculously, it didn’t leave so much as a mark when it hit Merritt’s head. 

“It’s just the grace of God. It’s God and I know he’s good ‘cause he’s done brought me through many storms,” she said. 

As Merritt counts her blessings, she’s urging others not to tempt fate.  

“I just think that it’s time to just, you know, put the guns down, you know, because what goes up must come down, you know. And innocent people can get hurt.” 

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