Woman attacked, car stolen from Cordova home; neighbors say teenagers are to blame


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was a rainy Sunday evening in a quiet Cordova neighborhood when surveillance video shows a shirtless young man throw a woman down in the street, stomping on her in front of her home.

The victim told police her white Toyota Camry was stolen with her revolver handgun in the trunk.

“It was kind of scary being so close to home,” said Travis Townsel who lives next door. His home video caught the images.

“The guy was actually on all four creeping in the rain. She had two cars and her blind said she couldn’t see anything so soon as she got out the car he slammed her down,” says Townsel.

The suspects were just teenagers.

Below: Surveillance video captures the attack

“Yeah, some teenagers, you can look at the body frame on the video tells you it’s teenagers,” says Townsel. “It’s scary to know that they’re young, having such devious intentions at an early age so you know it starts at home.”

Neighbors say they have seen the kids, who are around 13 and 14, and say they recently moved to the neighborhood.

“Well, they came in our backyard before and stole from our backyard. We’ve caught them twice doing it. They have stole out of my car twice,” said neighbor Marissa Pullen.


The woman who was attacked was not home when we went by Tuesday. Neighbors say they haven’t seen her in a few days and she may be with family .

“I think she’s kind of traumatized after this you know is the video makes you angry when you watch it, you know because there could have been my grandmother, or my mother or somebody like that,” says Townsel.

Apparently the same woman was targeted Friday, two days before her car was stolen from in front of her house. She says some young people actually knocked on her door and tried to take her keys just days prior.

Police found the woman’s vehicle with two teenagers inside the next day. They were arrested but a short time later let go. Neighbors say that’s unsettling.

“Hopefully the kids get the help that they need because they don’t have a parent in their lives and they can’t help their decisions with no parents,” said Pullen.

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