MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is being charged after police say he held his girlfriend and her two daughters at knifepoint Sunday around midnight.

Investigators say the incident started when Manshello Clark assaulted his girlfriend and locked her in a bedroom at their home on West Trigg in South Memphis after an argument.

When he let her out moments later, she went into the bathroom and managed to text her sister for help. Clark then came into the bathroom, pushed her into the tub and assaulted her again, police say.

Police said the victim’s sister called 911 and went to the home to intervene. When she arrived, Clark refused to let the victim and her daughters, ages three and five, out of the house.

He then held a knife to the victim’s throat and began threatening to kill her and her daughters, according to the police report.

Police said when they arrived, the victim stood behind Clark in fear of her life and whispered to officers that she needed help.

Officers recovered the knife used and took Clark into custody.

Clark was charged with three counts of aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

He is being held on a $15,000 bond.