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(Memphis) Elvis Presley Boulevard is the home to Graceland and the main corridor for the Whitehaven community. It’s about to get a makeover.

“There will be trees planted on the streets, wide sidewalks, green shrubbery, shared bike lanes, to make this a world-class street deserving of a world class community, a world-class entertainer and world-class businesses around there,” said Memphis City Councilman, Harold Collins.

Right now, the street is cluttered with telephone wires and vacant lots and buildings.

The city, with help from the state, is pouring $43 million into the redevelopment project.

More than 600,000 people visit Graceland every year, bringing $170 million in tourism to the city.

Thursday, Councilman Collins said construction should begin in November.

He calls Whitehaven a stable, middle-class community, deserving a new look.

He hoped residents would come get a glimpse at Thursday night’s final public meeting.

“We’re going to have a new vision for our street, a new vision for our community and to allow residents and businesses to see what it will look like and then also get their buy in,” said Collins.