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DRUMMONDS, Tenn. — Severe weather wreaked havoc across the Mid-South Sunday afternoon into the evening hours and left behind damage throughout the region.

One of the hardest hit areas was Tipton County along Glen Springs Road. Chief Shannon Beasley with the Tipton County Sheriff’s office said this was one of the roads hit hardest by Sunday’s tornado.

About 900 people were without power when the storm hit but power crews have been going up and down the road for the past several hours working to restore power and remove any downed power lines.

But power outages aren’t the only problem. Chief says there was a ton of damage done to homes, sheds, and vehicles along this road.

We’re told preliminary surveys’ showed damage to about 5 structures on glenview road alone. Of course, they plan on continuing their assessments on Monday morning.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

But now the cleanup process begins. We spoke to one man who said he received roof damage during the storm and a got a few busted windows.

He also said a tree fell on his wife’s car.

“All of a sudden there was a noise back over there, it dropped and made a right hand turn, went straight this way, took down all the trees,” said George Willis, who was cleaning up storm damage.

Emergency officials said Red Cross is on standby for anyone needing assistance.

Below are live weather updates:

Tornado Warning including Marianna AR, Palestine AR, Wheatley AR until 5:00 PM CDT