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(Memphis) Victory University abruptly announced plans to close for good.

This leaves nearly 1,600 students left to wonder, what happens now?

Some of them didn’t even know their school was closing until they saw it on the news.

The university’s administration said money problems left them no other choice.

Some students we talked to are still waiting on refunds from the school from the beginning of the semester.

They knew the school was having financial issues, but they had no idea it had come to this.

“This is my last year. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t know if my credits are going to transfer somewhere else so I’m just going up in here to try to find out what’s going on,” said student Jessica Jeans.

Jeans rushed to campus after hearing the news that Victory University was closing. She had no idea until she saw it on WREG, and neither did April Thornton.

“It felt like home. Staff is good. I knew it was some problems but I didn’t think it would lead to closing,” said student April Thornton.

Victory is a small liberal arts college located on Highland Avenue. It has undergone name changes over the years.: Mid-South Bible Center, Crichton College, and in 2012, it became Victory University after investors turned to a for-profit model.

They expanded online classes, added athletics, and grew enrollment to almost 2,000 students at one point. Enrollment is currently at 1,600.

Still, the school is struggling financially.

“I think what has impacted our institution is the ability to attract new money new funding. We’ve managed well with what we’ve had but we are in a position where we needed more to sustain the institution,” Dr. Sherryl Weems, provost, said.

Victory students will be able to finish the semester – the last day for classes is May 2nd – but Friday is the last day for full-time faculty and staff.

Those who are willing to work part-time can stay until May.

“It’s a lot of good people who work here. It’s going to hurt them also but we’ve just got to keep praying and keep our dreams alive,” said employee Morteis Johnson.

The University of Memphis is holding a special Saturday registration for those Victory students wanting to enroll there.

U of M staff, as well as undergraduate and graduate advisors, will be available to review transcripts, answer admissions questions and help students apply to transfer to the University of Memphis.

Victory students can come to the information desk in the lobby of Wilder Tower on the U of M campus between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on March 22.

They should bring photo identification and a copy of their transcript.

Students can also contact the U of M admissions office at 901-678-2111 or