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ARLINGTON, Tenn. — The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday identified the victim from Monday’s shooting in Arlington as Anthony Grayson, 19.

The other victim in shooting, who was transported to Regional One, is now listed as non-critical.

The drive-by shooting near Highway 70 has the community of Arlington reeling.

People who were at the McDonald’s Monday night when the shooting happened describe absolute chaos, with bullets hitting cars and windows. A Mid-South family says their children were caught in the center of it.

Elmer and Lakesha Macklin said they received a frantic call from their daughter about the shooting. They said fear immediately sank in.

“My emotions and everything was all over the place because I immediately started tearing up, because that could’ve been my babies laying in the parking lot,” the Macklins said. “It’s a whole lot of kids and young people out here that’s dying from bullets that wasn’t meant for them.”

The Macklins say three of their children were inside that McDonald’s working. It is a place they thought they would be safe. But instead, they were left dodging bullets.

“They say it was bullet holes in the McDonald’s, and when I heard that, it really got me because my kids were inside of the McDonalds,” the Macklins said.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our employee who was injured in this incident, their family, as well as their friends. We are also saddened by the tragic loss of life, and offer our prayers to the victim’s family during this difficult time. The safety and well-being of our crew, customers and the community remains our priority, and we are fully cooperating with local law enforcement in their ongoing investigation.”

Darrell Byrd, McDonald’s Owner/Operator

As they thank God for sparing their children, at least one other family is now grieving. Deputies say one of the shooting victims died and another is in non-critical condition.

“I hate someone lost a child. I really do and I’m praying for them every day,” the Macklins said.

Leaving many shocked at just how widespread the violence has become and now praying for the pain touching so many families to come to an end.

“You never heard of anything like this happening in Arlington. It was just unbelievable,” the Macklins said. “I just wish it would get better out here, so it would be safe for kids to be kids again for you to be able to go to work and church.”

So far no one’s been arrested.