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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A veteran is still reeling from Tuesday morning’s trip to take out the trash.

He says he motioned for a car to slow down on Sandy Park Drive in Hickory Hill when the unthinkable happened.

Someone started shooting his way.

“I was just taking my garbage out. I tried to slow them down, because we have bad wrecks at this corner,” Lester Hastings said.

Though Hastings says he meant no harm, it seems whoever was inside of the dark SUV didn’t take it that way.

He said the tires screeched, the car turned around and then shots rang out in his direction.

“I ducked down and they hit the car twice.”

Hastings ended up with two bullet holes in his car just above his Vietnam veteran sticker.

“They shot four times.”

Lori Hastings heard the whole thing from inside the house, and says she was very worried about her husband.

“The next thing he heard was a screeching sound,” she said. “They could have very well shot him while he was taking out the garbage.”

The veteran says he thinks there were four men inside the SUV.

Video from a neighbor’s home could hep police to catch the bad guys.

“I could see they were young,” he said.

The couple says its unsettling, but it’s not worth moving.

They’ve called this neighborhood home for 30 years, and say people who want to bring senseless crime their way need to find other outlets.

“If they want to fight then go overseas and get it out over there,” he said.

If you know anything about the crime, call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.