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(KNOXVILLE, TN)  “A long story”, that’s what Alexander Broughton had to say about whatever happened inside the Pi Kappa Alpha house at the University of Tennessee. 

Pictures from that night appear to back up a police report which says Broughton’s cousin brought him to the emergency room passed out, with an injured rectum saying the teen at been butt chugging wine. 

It’s essentially getting an enema of wine to bypass the kidney and get drunk quickly.

“I made a bad choice regarding drinking,” Broughton said. “That decision almost cost me my life and I deeply regret it.”

       Broughton met with reporters. He said he knew nothing about butt chugging and it didn’t happen.

“My intent is to clear my name, my fraternity’s name, and to punish those individuals and institutions responsible for the lies being spread around the world.”, said Broughton.

     As for a blood alcohol level, five times the legal limit and the photos showing boxes of wine seeming to back up the police report the Memphis man’s lawyer had an explanation — they were having a tour de Franzia.

“Tour de Franzia is where people buy a box of wine and take the plastic bag out of the box and hold it up so that another person can drink.” said Daniel McGehee, a Knoxville attorney.

Both men failed to explain the injuries to Broughton’s rectum which concerned police and medical personnel.