MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men are behind bars after a car robbery in Berclair on Monday.

Memphis Police say Quartavion Williams and Nathan Harris stole a Dodge Charger out of a woman’s driveway as she was getting out of it on Given Avenue.

The victim told police that as she exited her vehicle, she placed her car keys on the hood and walked to her trash can near the curb of the home.

She said that’s when the two males walked into her yard and grabbed her keys from on top of the vehicle.

The woman attempted to stop the men, but was grabbed and shoved into the car by Williams. 

The men drove off but soon crashed into another car at Austin Peay and Yale.

Witnesses told MPD that they saw the two men flee the scene and run into the nearby City Gear.

Police found the men inside the dressing room of the business. They were both taken into custody.

The victim later identified the men in a photo lineup. Both men were charged with robbery.