Two accused of robbing, shooting at Orange Mound store clerk


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man says two of his regular customers shot at him then stole his car, along with cash and a gun.

Joshua Jones, 18, and Jolen Jones, 20, are accused of a holding up an employee of an Orange Mound store Fourth of July night.

We talked to the employee on the phone Friday. He asked us not to identify him as he shares his story.

The man told us he decided to close the market a little early because of the holiday. He explained as he was leaving, he realized he still needed to lock the front doors of the business. As he returned to his car, two men approached.

“They were watching outside or something,” he said. “He opened the front door, passenger door and grabbed my gun.”

The victim started fighting with one of his attackers. At the same time, the second guy jumped into the car’s driver’s seat and put the car in reverse.

One of the men then shot at the victim several times, the bullets narrowly missing his legs. The two guys got away with thousands of dollars in cash, the victim’s Draco firearm and the 2018 Toyota Camry.

The victim says he also knows the men.

“They used to be regular customers, come to the store every single day. Like three times a day,” the man said.

Through their investigation, officers tracked down Joshua and Jolen Jones and say they’re responsible for the hold up.

“I’m glad they caught them,” the man said.

The victim now hopes to get his car back to help him get back to work.

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