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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Former Trezevant High School Principal Ronnie Mackin released a six-page resignation letter Thursday that puts a new dark cloud over the school’s second straight state title.

“There have been multiple incidents where I have uncovered illegal and unethical wrongdoings,” he wrote.

Mackin went to talk about inappropriate sexual relationships between school employees, accused the former head football coach of paying players to play for Trezevant and said he found inconsistencies between grades on report cards and on transcripts.

Mackin said the school discovered nearly all of its 142 seniors were not on track to graduate; students received credits for classes they did not pass and grades had been changed to boost grade point averages.

Those students included players on Trezevant’s football team. Many are attending or will attend NCAA schools for football.

The team forfeited one game last year during a investigation, but the TSSAA cleared the team of any wrongdoing.

Trezevant went on to win states.

Shelby County Schools officials said the district is still looking into the case.

“The investigations have been ongoing. They continue to occur. So this is not news,” said Natalia Powers, SCS chief of communications and community engagement.

What’s more, Shelby County Schools officials said Mackin is motivated because he didn’t get his desired severance pay.

“The letter is clouded by Mackin’s prior demand that SCS pay him two years severance pay and his inability to provide names and facts to support many of his most defamatory allegations,” said Rodney Moore, chief legal counsel for SCS.

District officials said they were focusing on the students and providing resources so they can achieve next year.

“It’s in our best interest we get to the bottom of this to ensure we’re providing the right resources for our students,” Powers said.

They said they had already hired a new principal but declined to say the new principal’s name at Tuesday’s media briefing.

WREG reached Trezevant’s former head football coach Teli White Thursda night. He declined to comment on the allegations.

White resigned at the end of the 2016 season, despite winning two straight state titles.

He’s now the head coach at Melrose.

You can read Mackin’s resignation letter in full here.