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TIPPAH COUNTY, Miss. — Reports of the attacks outside the Kroger in Poplar Plaza have spread like wildfire on social media.

Many have been posting comments and wondering if it’s even safe to visit Memphis.

A popular Facebook page in Tippah County, Miss., is urging people to only travel to Memphis if they have to.

The warning is getting mixed reviews from people in Ripley, Miss.

Tuesday, Mike Hopper, who owns Hopper’s Furniture on the Ripley square, read the posting on Tippah County News Facebook.

“‘It is strongly advised that Tippah County residents limit your risk exposure in Memphis to only trips required. And only in areas where you’re familiar with,'” Hopper read aloud.

At first it sounds like a warning from Homeland Security, but it’s a post on Tippah County News’ Facebook page.

The site has been on fire after the mob attack Saturday night at Kroger in Poplar Plaza. Video shows a large group attack four people.

The Facebook site cautions visitors that “traveling to Memphis is not recommended.”

Hopper said the fear of becoming a crime victim has kept him out of Memphis for many years.

“This is part of the reason, no doubt. If I go, I kind of stay more toward Germantown I guess,” said Hopper.

Kedrick Storey, a sports writer for the Southern Sentinel newspaper in Ripley,  has a different point of view.

“I go to Memphis quite often for Grizzlies games and University of Memphis football games, go to Beale Street, things like that,” said Storey.

He said the Facebook warning is a bit extreme and what happened at Kroger shouldn’t scare people from visiting Memphis, especially if they live in Tippah County.

“With the world that we live in today, you know, anything like that might happen. But something like that would not deter from going to Memphis,” said Storey.

He said he sympathizes with victims of the attacks, because he went through a similar experience in 2012, when he was jumped by four people, not on the streets of Memphis, but on the streets of Ripley.

“And I spent two days in ICU.  And so I have been in a situation like that,” said Storey.

The creator of the Tippah County News Facebook page didn’t want to talk on camera.

A posting on Tippah County News emphasis that people aren’t being told to “stay out of Memphis,” but “traveling alone is not recommended.”