LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A dog rescue in Tennessee has become overwhelmed with ‘dog dumping’ following the end of many COVID-19 protocols. Now, they may have to close their doors to new animals in need.

Officials with the not-for-profit Big Fluffy Dog Rescue say this issue with pandemic pets has made their lives exponentially worse. People are now dumping their dogs off at the shelter.

They say care for the dogs in need have not stopped. They’re currently treading water but won’t make it much longer with the demand

Despite cutting as much as they can and limiting expenses, staff say they’re at the end of their rope. They aren’t sure how they will avoid bankruptcy.

News 2 spoke with groomer and vet tech Juliana Bauer about the situation.

“We have had so many applications for owner surrenders, and it’s hard to turn them away. We are just exerting so much money to help all these babies that we are getting really low on funds too,” explains Bauer.

The facility currently has several dogs that are in the middle of long-term treatment. If they don’t raise the money needed, they won’t be able to help any new dogs in need. Dogs like five-week-old Malibu, who almost didn’t make it.

“They were just in a mud hole in Mississippi. When she came in she was on the brink of death. But there are so many other dogs, special needs dogs, that are waiting for surgeries and waiting for care because we just don’t have the extra funds,” says Bauer.

Bauer says any donation will help them keep the doors open. If you’d like to donate, click here.