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(Earle, AR)  It’s usually a mom or a dad who breaks up a fight on the playground, but in this situation, police say it was a mom who took a bad situation and made it worse.

Jaelisa Payne is new to Earle, as her family just moved from Georgia… and she quickly learned their daughter would become the victim of a bully.

Payne and her friends had just finished swimming and were hanging out on the playground when she said a bully from school showed up with her mother. She said the girl said nothing, just drew back her fist and started fighting

The high school freshman’s clothes were ripped from her, while teenage boys hooted for more. The girl was pinned down on the grass with her breasts exposed to the crowd.

The mother of the teen who started it all was said by witnesses to be egging on the fight, not trying to stop it.

Jaelisa’s mom called police, who said the mom in the video will be arrested.

“If you’re parents, you’re accountable for what the children do, you can’t egg the children on to do this kind of stuff”, said Captain Rodney Davis.

“The mother was pointing down on my child saying whip her, beat her”, said Jaelisa’s mother, Alisa.

“If anyone’s child is with their breasts out you should feel some kind of compunction,” she said.

Police credit this all to school getting out and a lot of teens just not having anything to do.