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TATE COUNTY, Miss. — Tate County hospital employees are furious after they say they took their checks to the bank to cash, but couldn’t get any money.

That’s because the bank told them there was no money in the account.

This now leaves over 100 people without the money they count on to pay their bills.

Every employee from clerical workers to doctors have not been paid in over two weeks. This had led to much frustration, and even some employees refusing to work until they get their money.

North Oak Regional Medical Center CEO Philip Hanna says about 150 employees haven’t been able to cash the checks they got Friday, and it could be days until they’re able to.

“I don’t know what to say. All of us working here are in the same boat,” he said. “The money is not the issue. We have the money in the account. It just needs to be transferred from California to Mississippi.”

Hanna says there are new bank security measures in place.

He says the issue is between the out of state hospital owner and a bank that usually transfers the money to the Mid-South.

Employees we spoke with off camera are angry, saying they wish they would’ve gotten a heads up that their pay would be late so they could’ve planned accordingly.

“We have had some issues with other staff that say, ‘Until I get paid, I am not coming back,” Hanna said.

So far, none of those employees who left work in patient care.

This chaos all comes after the hospital ER shutdown two weeks ago, because it was losing about $100,000 a month.

Now, workers are hoping something changes. Or they say, they’ll have to move on.

But hospital management says they’re frustrated too.

There’s no word on how long this could take. They just hope they don’t lose employees in the meantime.

We also called the owners who live in New York to learn more about the issues between them and the bank.

We have not yet heard back.