MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is grateful to be alive after being grazed by a bullet while driving down a busy Orange Mound street.

Pictures courtesy of Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins was grazed by a bullet that also shattered his driver’s side window as he passed the Save & Go Gas Station at Park Avenue and Airways.

“I noticed some activity, people running. I said, ‘Baby, I think I heard a gunshot.’ No sooner than I said that, pow! It came through our window,” said Andrew.

Park Avenue & Airways

He said there was blood streaming down his face, and he realized he had been hit in the head.

“I immediately took a picture because I don’t know if I’m going to be around or whatever,” he said. “I just feel pressure.”

He pulled his car over and called the police. Officers found a bullet on his dashboard.

“I panicked at that point, actually not knowing where he was hit,” said his wife, Toya, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Police said surveillance video from the gas station showed a man on the gas station lot in a blue bathrobe firing a gun toward Airways, but they have no idea who he is or who he was aiming for.

Andrew and Toya Hawkins said the gun violence in Memphis has to stop.

“It grazed right here,” Andrew said, pointing to his forehead. “So that’s a quarter-inch from my eye.”

The couple said it could have been much worse, and every day is now a blessing.

“It’s just nothing but God that saved us and gave us more time. So, there is something we are supposed to do,” said Toya.

Police have not released the surveillance video but if you know anything about the shooting, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.