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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A son and his father were engaged in some type of disturbance according to police when shots were fired on Whitney.

The son was shot and has been pronounced dead at the scene.

Loved ones shouted after hearing Montrail Williams was gone. While the tears flowed, the loss brought questions.

“They were like biological father and son that is why for this to happen its a shocker to me,” said Clarence Bunton.

One neighbor says she saw William’s stepfather leave the home with police.

“I saw about 15 police cars out here I saw them bring a man out then a woman they weren’t in hand cuffs so I don’t know what was going on,” said Barbara Dunn.

At this time no one has been charged leaving neighbors even more puzzled.

“I never noticed beef between them,” said Bunton.

Bunton says Williams and his stepfather were good guys who were like brothers to him during a tough time.

“I met Trail through Tommy. Found out my mom had cancer he cried too,” added Bunton.

For neighbors it just doesn’t add up and they are hoping that investigators will quickly uncover answers.