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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A lot of precautions will be taken when some Shelby County Schools students return to the classroom on Monday, the first time in almost a year.

But some parents are concerned about what impact it will have on learning, specifically how students and teachers will interact.

It’s called Teams — the media learning platform that teachers and students have used virtually for almost a year. When schools open in Shelby County, Teams via computer will still be the learning method to make sure whether they are learning at school or at home, all students are doing  the same thing.

It will be different for those students who have a teacher in front of them and those learning on a computer.

Robert R. Church Elementary fifth-grade Teacher Latrishia Hilliard is excited.

“I am pretty positive. It is just like them being at home with siblings logged into a different class. They will still be able to hear me and interact with thier classmates,” she said.

But at least one parent contacted WREG worried that in-school learning would have teachers in classrooms and students in another part of the building. SCS said that is not the case, and they have made contact with that parent.

The Shelby County Teachers Union worries about other changes.

“We do know that there are situations where children will not be moving but teachers will be moving which presents a serious threat to exposure,” Williams said.

“I was nervous,” Hilliard said. “But once I got to the classroom and I did the set up and I see all the protection the school is providing, you know, I am more confident now and  I am actually excited.”

Shelby County School Board Member Michelle McKissack said the district has worked on safety from keeping desks further apart to putting in new air infiltration systems.

Dannette Stokes, the head of United Education Association, said she will be checking things out.

“I just exercise some grace, because, yes we’ll be back in the school buildings, but it’s not going to be the same and it’s going to take some having a positive attitude and just learning to make adjustments as the time goes on,” McKissack said.

This weekend SCS is inviting families to a virtual town hall meeting to get back to school information. You can find information here.