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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Durham bus driver was arrested for marijuana possession Saturday afternoon in the 500 block of South Bellevue Boulevard.

A school security officer called police and told them he had a driver in custody after he received a complaint there was a strong order of marijuana coming from a Durham school bus.

Shelby County Schools contract with Durham for transportation.

Police say 29-year-old Marsai Catron had a bag of a green leafy substance in his possession, which was later determined to be marijuana.

Police gave Carton a misdemeanor citation.

Shelby County Schools released the following statement Sunday:

The Durham driver who was arrested for drug charges on Saturday has been fired. This incident is a serious violation of the strict employment guidelines that are enforced as part of our contract with Durham School Services, and immediate action was taken as a result.

This was an unfortunate incident, and our current contractual provisions adequately address driver qualifications and District requirements. This is evident by the swift removal of the driver by Durham.

Shelby County Officials also say Catron was transporting a group of students to a Basketball Jamboree at Bellevue Middle School.