Santa Gets Insurance Exemption

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(DeSoto County, MS) Luke Wilburn, like most kids at Hernando Elementary, is anxiously getting ready for the holidays.

What’s his favorite part?

“I like Santa. He brings Christmas.”

But this year, insurance problems threatened to keep Santa out of the classrooms at DeSoto County Schools.

That’s why the school board voted this week, to give Santa a pass this year.

Why does Santa Claus need an insurance exemption?

DeSoto School policy requires visiting workers to have liability and workman’s compensation insurance to come on campus.

School board member Steve Dodd actually plays Santa and says there could be all kinds of mishaps with kids.

”There’s always a risk when you’re lifting a child, or dropping them, or they fall out of your lap, something like that,” he explained.

Since the school board is revamping its insurance policies, it needed to grant a one year exemption for Santa this year. He’ll still have to pass a background check, though.

”A lot of classes, people come in for Santa Claus. We just want to make it easier and more fun,” said Dodd.

And if you ask Luke Wilburn, a holiday without Santa isn’t a holiday at all.

”I would be sad if Santa didn’t come to school, yes.”

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