“Runway Robbery” Billboards Coming to Memphis

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(Memphis) There is a new campaign against the high airfares and lack of selection at Memphis International Airport. Runway Robbery is the slogan that will be found on a series of billboards that will go up in the Mid-South.

The billboards will encourage customers to vent at runwayrobbery.org.

“It just shows to the extent people are fed up with the high fares and the less service that they are spending  a lot of their own money to just basically complain and let it be known, we don’t like it,” said Congressman Steve Cohen.

Cohen said Sunday he does not see the situation at Memphis International changing anytime soon.

“I think they should express their displeasure to the Memphis Airport Authority who are the people who can make the overtures to other airlines to come in with financial incentives. You know the Airport Authority has a lot of money. They’ve offered a million dollars in incentives to get somebody to come in . Well that hasn’t worked. If I do something that doesn’t work I find a way to make it work. Maybe they ought to offer $1.5 or $2 million.

Mayor AC Wharton also weighed in on the new campaign.

“This is America and everybody can express themselves the way that they wish .We’ve got to make their dollars work. They are a number of ways to do that we are not going to give up,” said Mayor Wharton.

“Let them know there is a demand here, but we’ve got to get the prices in line. It’s going to take a while to get that done. We’re not promising anybody any miracles, there is no quick fix,” added Wharton.

The new billboards are set to go up sometime this week.

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