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(Collierville) If anyone`s ever questioned where you hang out, you’ve got something in common with this guy.

It’s not just his pecking order with speeding cars, it’s the company he keeps.

“We don`t serve chicken that fresh,” said Restaurant Owner Mathew Mccrory.

A few months ago, the rooster started greeting customers at Gus’s Fried Chicken in Collierville.

Mccrorysays he just showed up one day.

“We’ve got a chicken walking around in front of a chicken restaurant,” he said. “Everyone is always across the street trying to snap pictures of him.  We just call him ‘Gus’.”

Others who do business at the intersection of South and Center in Collierville question the chicken’s choices.

If if he found out what happened at Gus`s he really wouldn`t be wanting to claim it,” said Jose Martinez of Collierville Auto Center.

And it turns out, it wasn’t always this way.

“What`s his name?’ asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“That`s Big Red,’ said Mechanic Mark Roy.

Gus, or Big Red, used to hang out on the other side of the street.

“We’ve all pretty much named him Big Red. He`s been here for over a year now,” said Martinez.

“What do you think about the fact that the rooster decided to cross the road and go to the fried chicken place?” asked Hall.

“He just wanted to get to the other side,” laughed Martinez.  “That`s it.”

Collierville Animal Services says its had several phone calls from residents worried about the rooster – that it will get hit by a car. But officials there say they are just going to let him be. They say he’s proven to have plenty of street smarts.