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(Memphis) Fire investigators suspect a space heater is to blame for an overnight house fire.

It happened in the 1500 block of David near Barron and Lamar. The Red Cross is now assisting the homeowner, who had just returned from vacation.

This is the second fire this week where investigators have blamed the heating source for a fire.

Earlier this week, fire investigators said a space heater — too close to flammable materials in a bedroom — started a fire on Cavern Drive in Raleigh.

No injuries were reported in either case.

Battalion Chief Keith Staples said one way to protect you and your family is by getting a smoke detector.

“Smoke detectors are absolutely imperative,” said Staples. “They save lives. It allows for early warning, so they can get out before it becomes fatal.”

Anyone in the City of Memphis who needs a smoke detector, contact the Fire Museum of Memphis at (901) 636-5650. They are free.