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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Those who operate Choices Clinic in Midtown said Friday they had a lot of insecurity about the future of their field in light of the presidential election.

“I’ve had a few friends and patients contact me, particularly the biggest concerns seem to be about long-acting reproductive contraceptives like IUDs and whether those are still gonna be available,” Dr. Susan Lacy said.

Intrauterine devices can stay in the woman’s body for up to 10 years.

She said friends on social media are recommending women get one now in case changes to the Affordable Care Act revoke their birth control coverage.

But Lacy called that a knee-jerk reaction.

“My answer is talk to your health provider, decide if that’s something good for you in the long run. I don’t think you should be overly concerned about running out and doing it now,” she said.

She said her bigger concern was whether repealing Obamacare would impact patients who rely on it for coverage.

“There are a lot of people across the country, 20 million, who are insured under the Affordable Care Act, many of whom have pre-existing conditions and are on multiple medications,” she said.

Choices Executive Director Rebecca Terrell said her staff was on edge, calling them “shell-shocked” from the election. But, there have been some highlights, she said.

“Within 12 hours of the election results, we started seeing small donations coming in through the online portal. We started seeing volunteer applications to our website. People recognize reproductive rights could be at risk with the new administration,” she said.

“If you’re worried you’re going to lose your insurance maybe it makes you go get your pap smear, lab testing. That’s never a bad thing,” Lacy said.

She pointed out the election had at least prompted people to question their health and talk with their provider. She recommended everyone do so before deciding how to proceed.