RedZone Ministries works towards spiritual and social renewal through strong relationships with youth


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When you hear the word redzone, you think football. RedZone Ministries in Memphis designed it that way, not in the sense of on the field sport, but your off the field mentality and mindset within those crucial yards. 

“They’re making critical decisions that impacts the rest of their lives. All we do is come alongside them, help them and give them the tools and resources that they need to make informed decisions,” said Howard Eddings, executive director of RedZone Ministries, while meeting with WREG’s Corie Ventura at the Orange Mound Community Center.  

It’s an organization that works toward social and spiritual renewal by building strong children and families in the Orange Mound community. 

“Orange Mound is a place of rich history. It’s around 128 years old. Somewhere around in there. It’s the oldest African American community west of Harlem.,” he said.  

When WREG met with him, Eddings was in the middle of their Fred L. Davis Memorial Mobil Food Pantry distribution. It’s held on the second Tuesday of every month in partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank.  

“I think people are in different spaces,” he said. “They have different needs and we’re not here to judge that. We’re here to serve.” 

Their after-school programs are designed to respond to the needs of children when it comes to ACT prep classes. They also help them learn.  

“Tutoring with kids. Kids who need help one on one. And that transforms into a mentoring relationship where we work to help them understand that there are people who care about them,” Eddings said.  

They also have a program called Ready for The World of Work where they learn how to cut grass and get involved with blight removal.  

“They learn how to higher order thinking. They learn about savings. We also throw in some financial literacy in there. Conflict resolutions,” he added.  

That is why our anonymous donor wanted to give RedZone Ministries a check for $1,000. When you create a safe place for kids to go, plus walk alongside them during a critical point in their life, you know you’re on the right path to victory. RedZone Ministries is a true Community Changer.  

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