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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When attorney Doug Hall left the courtroom Wednesday, his client Sean Robinson avoided yet another court appearance, as his attorney again asked for more time.

WREG’s Problem Solver Stacy Jacobson has been continuously following the case of Robinson, who deputies say stole from a woman who hired him to install new floors.

“With everything going on, I think he’s been showing he’s trying his best,” Hall said.

His client has been drawing this case out since last summer.

Sean Robinson

An Arlington woman, Danielle Magee, said she paid Robinson $1,400 to install new flooring, which he never did.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office then filed theft charges.

When WREG spoke with Robinson in court last November, he said he’d pay Magee back to get the charges dropped.

But since then, Robinson has only paid Magee $200.

When courts shut down in March, he bought some extra time.

Hall said Wednesday his client is now prepared to pay another $900.

“With everything gone on, COVID, trying to get business, making almost an $1,000 payment, I think he’s really trying his best,” Hall said.

His attorney admitted without the Problem Solvers, Magee might never have gotten anything paid back.

“The fact we’ve gotten this news coverage has made him a little more weary,” Hall said.

Since WREG started covering this case, we’ve heard from many more people with similar stories about Robinson. Magee hopes she can help prevent others from becoming victims like her.