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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Around a dozen bullets both inside and outside the Church’s Chicken on Summer Avenue after police say a man got into a shootout with a female employee.

Police said the suspect Ledarrius Stokes had been at the restaurant earlier with his girlfriend who works there. She called the store and told them he was coming back to shoot up the place and then came back and locked all of the employees inside.

Stokes allegedly fired numerous shots through the drive thru window at one particular employee, who fired back. She then went out and started shooting in the parking lot.

There were at least 10 people inside the restaurant at the time along with eight cars in the drive thru.

We talked by phone with a customer who left the store right before the shooting. He said even before the shots were fired there were problems inside the restaurant.

“Everybody was mad. Some employees were accusing each other of stealing money from the cash register and people were walking to the door with their orders messed up.”

Police have not said who fired shots first or what the shooting was about.

Stokes was charged with aggravated assault, convicted felon in possession of a gun, reckless endangerment and vandalism.