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HORN LAKE, Miss. — With temperature dropping well below freezing then once again rising this weekend, it’s important you to remember to protect your pipes.

As the February Freeze grips the Mid-South, Greg Mote, manager at Tim Mote’s Plumbing in Horn Lake, said to remember you have to keep your water running to keep it flowing in your house

“When you go to sleep at night, make sure you leave a little water running, hot and cold,” Mote said.

Mote said for the next week or so it will be go-time for his business, with customers dealing with frozen or busted pipes.

“We’ll probably work day and night through probably Saturday,” he said.

Mote said along with letting your faucet trickle, open your cabinets.

It might seem like a hassle now, but Mote also said spending a little money now prevents you from busting your budget down the road.

He also said to take a little extra time to stop by your local hardware store to pick up pipe insulation and cover your pipes.

“That’s the main thing is flooding,” Mote said.

Meanwhile outside, make sure you disconnect your hose and know how to cover the water source there.

However, Mote said the biggest thing is to know your house and how to turn off the main water source so you’re ready in case something happens.

“That’s just the most important thing is your knowledge of the water and if you don’t know, turn it off and call somebody,” Mote said.