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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People across the Mid-South are finding ways to support police and first responders as they cope with the murders of their sisters and brothers in blue.

“I thank you for those who serve: the policemen, the first responders.”

They bowed their heads in prayer for their community, for each other, but mostly for their men and women who suit up despite the national outcries, and now the murders simply because of their jobs.

“My father was a police officer. I don’t know any other lifestyle but I’m more scared now than when my father was a police officer. There is more hate, more division in this world,” said Heather Pfeil.

Support for officers in Germantown is not new.

Joanna Young invites officers to her home Friday night for dinner to say thanks.

“It’s different than just taking doughnuts to the headquarters,” she said.

When News Channel 3 shared her story last year, others offered to make dinner for police too.

Now “Cop Stop” as her kids called it, is getting calls from across the area and event the country asking how they can help.

“They want to support their officers,” she said. “It’s an important time right now.”

Memphis Police are even encouraging everyone to take a photo with officers and share it online to show your support.

Talk to the officer.

They’ll tell you watching all this is hard, but watching it from the home of the people you protect with a pat on the back is all they need.

“When you look around this country and the adversity the officers work under on a normal day the attitudes people they serve have toward them we don’t see that here,” said Capt. Jodi Whitfield.