Pastor’s funeral fundraiser funds stolen by man he tried to help


COVINGTON, Tenn. – They say no good deed goes unpunished and that appears to be true for a Covington pastor who was robbed of the money he was raising for a funeral by a man he was trying to help.  

Rev. Willie Farrow was selling food alongside Mueller Brass Road Monday to raise the $3,200 needed to bury a man who passed away two weeks ago.  

He had raised $1,500 when a man approached and asked for work. 

“He come and asked and he looked like he was a good guy, you know, and so I felt sorry for him,” said Farrow, who said he’s given food to the man in the past. 

Farrow said he paid the man $25 to help carry watermelons to donors’ vehicles.  

Farrow’s wife was running the stand at the time, but while she was busy with a customer, Farrow said the man swiped a bag containing the $1,500 they had raised.  

“It hurt until I went home and thought about it. I’m a minister and I did wrong in my time, but, you know, he got to give account to God, not me,” said Farrow. 

But it does mean Farrow now has just three days to raise more than $3,000. As of Tuesday afternoon, he was at just $50. 

The funeral is set for Saturday and if they don’t have the money by Friday, it may not happen. 

But Farrow is resting easy, confident that a higher power will help him pull it off. 

“I already asked him this morning when I prayed and last night before I went sleep so I know God will bless me back with that money and more,” he said.  

Farrow said he’ll be back outside the Dollar General on Mueller Brass Road all day Wednesday if anyone wants to donate. You can also contact him at 731-432-4477.

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