MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman is living in a motel for now because of some unexpected excitement at her home. WREG and a friend are passing on some better luck.

Kiera Ethan was sound asleep when unexpected company arrived at her house. Our playmaker, Christina Thomas told us more.

“A couple of weeks ago someone stole a car from a corner store and when they got by her house, they lost control and the truck went through the house, destroying most of the house,” Thomas said. “She was working from home due to the pandemic and it destroyed, completely destroyed her work room, her computer was going, so it’s just been a lot.”

Then, to make matters worse, while the house was boarded up, people broke in and stole her belongings.

Keira is searching for a new place to live and needs some help.

Christina presented Keira with the Pass It On Money at the hotel where Keira is staying. 

Keira said she feels “blessed.”

“I’m just blessed and grateful to still be here,” she said.