Mississippi school custodian gets support from faculty after heart attack

Pass It On

WALLS, Miss. — A school custodian in north Mississippi does more than clean, he’s making a difference in the lives of every student and his fellow staff members want to make sure he’s taken care of.    

“He’s actually our head custodian, his name is Mr. DeWayne.  And he basically is the heart of this school,” explained Walls Elementary School teacher Shelby Conrad.  

“He greets every child, he knows every child’s name,” she added. “He’s out in front welcoming the kids, hugging the kids and he’s honestly the definition of love.” 

Mr. Dewayne recently had a medical setback.  

“Well recently, sadly he had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and it put him out of work,” she said. “But if it shows you the dedication of this man, he came back a week and a half after getting a stent put into his heart.” 

 Mr. DeWayne could really use $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors to help him get back on his feet and as a source of encouragement. Shelby and WREG’s Tim Simpson went by his home to Pass It On.  

“Oh my, this is a nice surprise!” he said with a laugh.  

DeWayne explained what happened. 

“Chest started feeling funny.  I started having really sharp pains.  I called 911,” he said.  

That call literally saved his life.  Doctors placed a stent to open a clogged artery. Mr. DeWayne is now back at work and thankful to be at Walls Elementary. 

“I love it.  I’ve been there for 15 years and I’m not going anywhere,” he said.  

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