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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s no secret children love recess, but schools across the country, like some in Florida, are cutting out playtime to make room for more time in the classroom.

Teachers are spending more time preparing students for Common Core exams.

“Studying is alright, but you still need activity to relax,” Adrian Williams, who has a child in pre-k, said.

Common Core has not been rolled out in Tennessee yet, but the curriculum will soon hit classrooms.

Williams hopes her daughter’s recess time does not get cut.

“It don’t make any sense to cut that out for nothing,” Williams said.

“Our organization is recommending that all children of all ages have a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity everyday,” Paula Kun, spokesperson for SHAPE America, said.

The Society of Health and Physical Educators works everyday to get students moving.

SHAPE America’s 2012 survey revealed Tennessee doesn’t require elementary schools to have daily recess, although elementary students in Tennessee must have 90 minutes of physical activity every week.

“Unfortunately, so many times in schools they take that joy of movement and they just corner them into a classroom all day,” Kun said.

A spokesperson for Shelby County Schools said they have not heard of any schools planning to cut recess or physical education.