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NORMAN, Okla. — A man in Norman, Oklahoma says what’s good for one is good for another.

Chad Grensky has asked the picture of a woman wearing a hijab be removed from the side of a library vehicle.

“I see a public vehicle that is paid for by the taxpayer’s money that displays, has a picture of a lady in Islamic attire,” Grensky told KFOR-TV.

He says his complaint has nothing to do with Islam, rather that the cars bare not other religious items and likely would not.

“What I have a problem with is we can’t put a nun on the side of that car because she’s wearing a head garment,” Grensky said. “We have to remove ‘In God We Trust’ from our police cars.”

Last year, the Oklahoma Supreme Court forced the removal of a 10 Commandments monument from the Oklahoma state capitol saying the state’s constitution bans using public property to benefit or promote religion.

Pioneer Library System administrators were surprised and said this had been their first complaint.

“We don’t believe that image is promoting a religion. We think it is expressing a culture,” said Anne Masters, the executive director.

Masters say they are giving the complaint serious thought but have made no decision regarding the image.

Grensky said he would prefer to see all religions included or none.