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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One woman said she heard multiple gun shots fired from a car feet from her home.

“I was in my kitchen eating and on my phone as well,” said Linda Jones. “It sounded like they were going to war, because it sounded like they were right at my door.”

Jones said she heard round after round followed by a car hitting the gas.

“I was expecting to open my door and not know what I was going to see,” she said.

Eventually Jones walked outside and found several cops blocking her front door on Bishops Gate Monday night.

She says she later learned bullets flew into two of her neighbors’ houses. She said one belongs to an elderly couple and the other belongs to a member of law enforcement and a child.

“I don’t believe no one is targeting them. They are real good neighbors. They look after the children. Keep to themselves,” she said.

She and other neighbors who talked to us off camera says they are now on edge.

” sleep with my pistol. I got a pistol in another room. I got a rifle upstairs,” Jones said. “Where you carry your cell phone around, you’re carrying your gun through your house.”

Jones said this used to be a quiet area until a few months ago.

“We are going to get our neighborhood back. I’m not going to sleep in fear,” she said. “As long as you in the community, we all have something to do with it.”

She and Memphis Police hope you speak up.

If you saw something Call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

Police said the only description they have of the shooter is from another neighbor, who claims he saw a blue Ford Focus with a gun sticking out the passenger window.