Nature’s Own Mini Meteorologists


It was an ideal day: to be swarmed by thousands of the sweetest little mini meteorologists!

Did you know that honey bees can forecast the rain? Their acute olfactory sense can detect a smell of a particular flower even a couple of miles away from the hive.

According to local nonprofit Creative Director and BeeKeeper extraordinaire, Kevin Woods, “I don’t know how they do it, but the bees know when bad weather is coming, sometimes a day in advance. And, they work overtime to make up for the lost work during the rainy day.”

In fact, researchers in China attached teeny-tiny radio tags to 300 honeybees and found that honeybees can sense changes in air pressure due to the sensitive hairs on their backs that are affected by electrostatic buildup in weather clouds. Creative Director, Kevin Woods and WREG Weather Expert Wendy Nations

So, if the wind picks up, the temperature drops, solar radiation decreases, and barometric pressure drops, it all adds up to a storm on the way!

Doppler radar, radiosondes, and weather satellites aside, maybe next time I’ll drop by a hive!

I had the sweetest time with the honey girls! Kimberly, of KimbaWayne Photography, and I got to see a queen being born, baby bees hatch, transfer some boxes around, and hear about the latest success of Bee901co’s incredible gift of financial kindness to King’s Daughters & Sons Nursing home.

To visit their website, click here.

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